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I introduce myself, Lisa-Marie Johnson.

I am a young French Italian Canadian woman, physically I am definitely athletic and firm, my hours at the gym are the result of a sublime body and beautiful curves. I would say that my best asset is my face. I have big bright brown eyes. I would also say that my smile is very contagious.

Sensitive and helpful, no one misses my wonderful charm. my companions tell me that I am a person with a high level of maturity and equipped with a golden heart. I am also nicknamed the wonder woman thanks to my well carved body.

In my everyday life, I like to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I like to spend time to train in a gym and even more to eat health. I like to have enriching discussions around a drink or a coffee and laugh fully.




I am currently studying professional makeup, stage makeup and special effects. I also study skin care and I finished my studies in private training and nutrition. I like learning new things every day.



I am a companion who loves to give as much as to receive affection and pleasure. I am a very sensual and sexual person. I like to take my time and give my maximum attention during the time with the man. 

I am a very open minded person and listen to your requests, needs, fetish and fantasies.if in general you are looking for a person easy to approach, who does not take life too seriously, appreciates the little moments of life, a smiling person with whom the moments will be too short. a person with whom you could go out proud in all events high class and a person with whom the intimate moments will be unforgettable, contact me I guarantied that you will ask more.My schedule in pretty flexible but my fixed days are Wednesday to sunday.  I also speak french xxKisses


With the time we will share together, you will see that mutual pleasure is an important criterion for me. I can adapt to any situation you would like to explore with me thanks to my immense openness.
Because of my external employment, well-being is very important to me. I am absolutely passionate about this area. I always take the time to train twice a day 5-6 times a week to maintain my body. My nutrition is also very well balanced and calculated. On the other hand I can always have a drink or choose a healthier menu when it is time to go and taste a little something in the restaurant.

I like to have fun with a man just as much as a woman so couples are welcome!

I am confident of the way in which I take care of my man. He is always and at all times treated like a king.
If you are a respectful man or woman, who leads a healthy life and is open minded, write me and we can plan our romantic encounter.

Age: 23
Height: 5'2
Weight: 125 lbs
Many tattoos
Nipple and nose piercings
Brown eyes
Long black hair
There are some showers, soap, mouthwash, towels at my incall location. I myself spend quite a long time pampering myself before our rendez-vous, the same favour would be appreciated.  Nothing breaks the moment more than bad taste and odours. 
The day before the meeting or the morning of our meeting, I will send you an email or a text message asking you to confirm. If no answer is given 1 hours prior to our rendez-vous, I will sadly cancel it. 
I will ask you to please remember that after 3 cancellations or no show, you will be put on my black list.  My time is precious, respect it.
 At your arrival, please leave the donation in an envelop on the table.
More information about Lisa-Marie
  • I always and at all cost have a fresh manicure and pedicure.
  • I am welcoming all gender, disabled people and races. 
  • I LOVE my job and would never risk to catch a std.  This is why I do my test regularly. How ever, I wont hesitate to stop our encounter if I feel suspicious about something.  
  • I will always be freshly showered before our rendez-vous starts. 
  • I will receive you in a modern, safe incall located in the heart of downtown montreal. 
  • You are my priority for the length of time you chose to spend with me, I will never look at my phone on our time together.  All of my focus is on making you feel something you never felt before. 
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When coming to meet me, I am asking you to be VERY clean.

A shower will be available for you as well as mouthwash before starting the session. 
If at any time I observe that the code of hygiene has not been respected, I will reserve the right to end our appointment.


Regarding respect, you have probably noticed that I am a muscular woman. If by bad luck, you do not find me of your taste, spare me all the bad comments. I am an understanding person and accept that I can't be everyones type.  Tell me with respect. 

Respect my limits.  If during the session I feel the need to say stop, I would expect that you stop or slowdown.  

During the session:

I love being choked

I love having my hair pulled

I love dirty talk

I love spanking